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Our center is an upscale medical facility specializing solely in Laser Hair Removal, Spider Veins, Facial Veins, and Cherry Angiomas on every individual skin type! Bare was founded on the principal that any patient looking to have laser hair removal has a medical professional there to do the procedure. Our treatment providers are licensed board certified Nurse Practitioners. They have years of clinical experience and provide the best care possible, which is evident when visiting our facility. Our experience in performing these procedures, coupled with a state of the art/gold standard removal system (Top the line FDA approved medical grade class 4 laser) helps make that possible.

We cater to our guests on an appointment only basis to ensure you are given the time necessary to complete your procedure and that you are treated properly. All packages purchased at Bare come with 2 free touch ups per year after treatments are complete, in case any new hair follicles develop in the treatment area years down the road. This is part of our philosophy in assuring 100% guest satisfaction and to insure you will never have to purchase another package to the areas treated ever again!


Our facility is located on 90 Orne Street (Rt 1A) in North Attleboro Massachusetts. Come experience the difference!

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